Real-Time Digital Pulse-Shape Discriminator (PSD) and Spectrometer with Simultaneous Amplitude and Pulse-Shape Discrimination. The nanoPSD is a digital spectrometer with embedded pulse-shape analyzer and pulse-shape discriminator. See a list of key features below and the data sheet for a full description of the nanoPSD’s features and specifications. 

The nanoPSD is a compact digital spectrometer, with an embedded pulse-shape analyzer and discriminator, featuring:

  • Real-time digital pulse-shape discrimination based on labZY’s proprietary ballistic deficit measurement
  • Simultaneous pulse-height  and pulse-shape discrimination
  • A built-in PMT preamplifier with selectable sensitivity (8 settings)
  • Time-invariant signal processing with zero dead time apart from memory acquisition
  • High counting rates  (e.g., > 3 mln cps incoming for LaBr and fast organic detectors)
  • Simultaneous acquisition of one Time-Invariant Pulse-shape Signatures (TIPS) spectrum and three Pulse-Height spectra
  • Enhanced pile-up rejection and automatic threshold settings
  • Built-in Trace Viewer, the most advanced detector signal exploration tool
  • USB powered with flexible wired or wireless connectivity at low power (900 mW)
  • Free labZY-PSD software for device configuration, PSD settings, spectra acquisition, and basic analysis

Download the full nanoPSD Data Sheet [pdf] 


Dimensions: 3.6″ x 1.5″ x 1″ (92 mm x 38 mm x 25 mm)
Weight: <130 g

Analyzer TIPS Spectrum

4096 channels

Analyzer TIPS Gain

1 to 128

Discriminator Amplitude Spectra

3 spectra, 4096 channels each

Memory Acquisition Time

64 ns/pulse (> 15 mln records/s), the only system dead time

Inputs and Outputs

E: Analog Input (Signals from PMT anode)
D: Digital Input (3.3V CMOS) or Analog Input (0 to +2.5V)
R: Digital Input (3.3V CMOS) or Digital Output (3.3V CMOS, Open Drain or Tristate)
S: Digital Output (3.3V CMOS, Open Drain or Tristate)
T: Digital Output (3.3V CMOS, Open Drain or Tristate)

DPP Sampling Period

8 ns

DPP Quantization

16 bit

Coincidence Logic Signal

Input R

Pulse Shape Flat Top

8ns to 2µs, adjustable in increments of 8ns

Timer Accuracy

Typically < 10ppm (optional 0.2 ppm)

Interface Connectivity

Wired: USB (also serves as power source), Ethernet
Wireless: WiFi, Bluetooth

Power Connectivity

USB, wall plug

Power Requirements

5V@1A for wall plug

Power Consumption

900mW (typ)

Temperature Operating Range

-10°C to +60°C

See the Support tab for supporting documentation



See below for nanoPSD performance examples.