Real-Time TDCR Counting System and Digital Pulse Processing MCA in One Package. The nanoTDCR is a triple-to-double coincidence ratio (TDCR) liquid scintillation counting system and multichannel analyzer (MCA).

There are two models to choose form: the TD9009 and TD9010. The TD9009 uses only PMT, while the TD9010 uses both PMT and SiPM. This table [pdf] provides a full comparison between the two models.

See a list of key features below and a combined data sheet for a full description of nanoTDCR’s features and specifications for both models.

The nanoTDCR is a radiation measurement device incorporating a Triple-To-Double Coincidence Ratio Liquid Scintillation Counting System (TDCR) and a digital multichannel analyzer (MCA), featuring:

  • Independently functioning TDCR and MCA, except when in coincidence/anticoincidence with each other
  • Three analog inputs (A,B and C) that accept anode signals from photo-electric multipliers (PMT) or Silicon PMT (SiPM) of a TDCR counter
  • Four TDCR modules (coincidence and live time sets) operating in parallel
  • The fourth PMT channel (gamma channel) has a built-in PMT preamplifier
  • Independent (nanoTDCR) or Common (MAC3* equivalent) dead time extensions for each PMT channel (from 640 ns to 500 µs in 8 ns increments)
  • Real timer and gated live timers operate at 125 MHz input frequency
  • 4096-channel Multichannel Analyzer (MCA) using digital pulse processor (DPP).
  • Enhanced pile-up rejection and automatic threshold settings
  • Built-in Trace Viewer, the most advanced detector signal exploration tool
  • USB powered with flexible wired or wireless connectivity at low power (1200 mW)
  • Free labZY-TDCR software for TDCR and MCA data acquisition and configuration

Download the full nanoTDCR Data Sheet (TD9009 and TD9010) [pdf]


Dimensions: 3.6″ x 1.5″ x 1″ (92 mm x 38 mm x 25 mm)
Weight: 135 g

Spectrum Size

4096 channels

Inputs and Outputs

A, B, C: PMT Inputs / Discriminators
Input E: Signals from PMT anode (AC or DC coupled)
Input D: Digital Input (3.3V CMOS) or Analog Input (0 to +2.5V)
Input/Output R: Digital Input (3.3V CMOS) or Digital Output (3.3V CMOS, Open Drain or Tristate)
Output S: Digital Output (3.3V CMOS, Open Drain or Tristate)
Output T: Digital Output (3.3V CMOS, Open Drain or Tristate)

DPP Sampling Period

8 ns

DPP Quantization

16 bit

DPP Time Constant

Primary (long) TC: 120 ns to 4.1 µs
Secondary (short) TC: 1 ns to 255 ns

Coincidence Logic Signal

Internal: TDCR discriminators A,B,C (TDCR A, TDCR B, TDCR C)
External: Input R

Pulse Shapes


Pulse Shape Flat Top

Adjustable, 0 to 2 µs

Timer Accuracy

Typically < 2ppm

Interface Connectivity

Wired: USB (also serves as power source), Ethernet
Wireless: WiFi, Bluetooth

Power Requirements

5V@1A for wall plug

Operating Power

1200mW at 25°C and USB interface

Temperature Operating Range

0°C to +80°C

See the Support tab for supporting documentation



See below for nanoTDCR performance examples.